Santi van den Toorn

I am an idealistically motivated analytical thinker, IT literate and tech-savvy but with great passion for people. My educational background is in both engineering and social science, which ensures a holistic view on a wide variety of issues. I work freelance for various projects I believe in and have a strong passion for feminism (gender), sustainability (water) and personal development. I love to motivate people and create opportunities for happiness.

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Professional Projects

Stem op een Vrouw



Stem op een Vrouwclose

With the upcomping Dutch Elections a group of people decided to try and change something for the better; representation in the parliament. In a very short amount of time we set up a national campaign which got quickly picked up by national media. Also I build the website.

Minimalisme Coach



Minimalisme coachclose

As a convinced minimalist myself I enjoy helping and coaching other people with decluttering their lives and mind. Through personal coaching trajects I help people live more fulfilling lives and find the perfect equilibrium in what they do, love and posess.


2016 - 2017

Online Coordinator(Freelance)


At OneWorld my responsibilities involve SEO and Adwords strategies, customer journeys and the automation thereof and the development process of a complete new platform.



Front-ender & Scrum master


At Bleeve I was part of the development team. As a front-end developer I worked on the main product (mostly AngularJS, but also ES6, Typescript, SASS and Jade). Later on I fulfilled the role of scrummaster, which ment planning sprints, monitoring progress and spending a lot of time in the issues management system Jira.


2015 - 2016

Platform supervisor


As platform supervisor, I was in charge of the development of the product and functioned as first point of contact for customers and users. This entailed functional design, the roadmap, budget, planning and management of the developers. I was also involved in a large-scale integration project of multiple SAAS fintech solutions.

TTC Mobile

2012 - 2014

Functional Analyst

TTC Mobileclose

Although I started as the communications intern (why not?) TTC quickly discovered my technical capabilities and soon I was helping out with the development of the platform, troubleshooting new issues and translating requests from program managers in the field (Africa, South America and Asia) to technical requirements for the development team in Uganda. I also assisted in writing various grants and proposals.


Personal Projects

ABC Amsterdam

2016 - 2017

Voluntary teaching

ABC Amsterdamclose

ABC is a foundation that helps isolated women on their way to self-reliance through individual language classes. I am involved as one of their voluntary teachers and teach English to a Ghanaian mother (25) of two.

Elisabeth van der Lek

2016 - 2017


Elisabeth van der Lekclose

I developed a simple Wordpress website for my 92 year old Grandmother. She is a painter and wanted to showcase her work online. She has never seen a website herself though and finds it hard to grasp what it is and how it works. When asked for her favourite colour, for the design, she was surprised that websites were in colour.


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